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University Lecturer
Dr. Stephan G. Humer
Internet Sociologist and Computer Scientist


Dr. phil. (summa cum laude) in Sociology (winner, German Science and Humanities Council competition) Free University of Berlin (Winner, Federal and State initiative for Excellence), 2007 (equivalent to Ph.D.)

Graduated in Sociology, Psychology and Journalism (German grade called „Diplom-Soziologe“), Free University of Berlin, 2005 (equivalent to Master of Arts with honors)

Pre-diploma graduation („Vordiplom“) in Sociology, Free University of Berlin, 2002 (comparable to a Bachelor of Arts)

Current academic tasks

Research Director and Senior Lecturer, Hochschule Fresenius Berlin

Senior Fellow: Honorary Member of the Digital Class, Berlin University of the Arts [since 2015], Founder of the Internet Sociology Department („Arbeitsbereich Internetsoziologie“), Berlin University of the Arts [2012]

Security Researcher, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Freie Universität Berlin [since 2015]

Adjunct Professor/Lecturer, Berlin School of Economics and Law [since 2010, teaching Informatics and Business Intelligence], University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg [since 2013, teaching Security Management and Social Engineering]

Chairman of the Board, Association „Netzwerk Terrorismusforschung e. V.“ (Terrorism Research Network) [since 2013]

Academic tasks in the past

Research Director, Berlin University of the Arts [2012 – 2015]

Research Director, Digitization Lab, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam [2009 – 2011]

Adjunct Professor/Lecturer, Berlin University of the Arts [2006 – 2012]

Adjunct Professor/Lecturer, researching and teaching Statistics (graduate level), Database Management/SQL (post graduate and graduate level) [2007 – 2011] and supervising bachelor exams [2010 – 2014], teaching Data Security and Privacy Theory [2006 – 2007], University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Research Director: „The Potsdam Project“, researching and developing a web-based archive and database solution for the „GDR prefab building Information Center“, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam [2010 – 2011]

Postdoc Research Fellow: „myID.privat“ (Anonymity and pseudonymity in the process of online authentication with secure electronic identities/Technical University Berlin, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Bundesdruckerei) [2009 – 2010]

Substitute for Professor Dr. Rainer Rumpel, teaching Information Retrieval and Data Mining, Berlin School of Economics and Law [2011]

Substitute for Professor Dr. Rolf Daessler, teaching MySQL, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam [2007 and 2010]

Substitute for Professor Dr. Guenther Neher, teaching Information research strategies, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam [2007]

Computing instructor/Tutor, Freie Universität Berlin [2003 – 2005]

Courses taught

Post graduate

– Database Management / MySQL
– Social Engineering


– Statistics
– Networked Systems Theory
– Data Security and Privacy Theory
– Research program for empirical studies
– Social Engineering


– Methods of Social Research
– XML and Scan-to-Web/Virtual Library
– Networked Systems Theory
– Database Management / MySQL
– Data Security and Privacy Theory
– Computing for social scientists (Beginners)
– Computing for social scientists (Advanced)
– Information research strategies
– Internet and Society (Sociology of the Internet)

Courses developed

– „Statistics“ for the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
– „Database Management“ for the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
– „Networked Systems Theory“ for the Berlin University of the Arts
– „Data Security and Privacy Theory“ for the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
– „Computing for social scientists“ for the Free University of Berlin
– „Internet technologies and Webmastering“, a special course for Red Cross Webmasters in Germany
– „Research program for empirical studies“ in collaboration with the German Red Cross in Berlin
– „Social Engineering“ for the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg
– „Internet and Society“ for the Bucerius Law School Hamburg
– „Methods of Social Research“ for the University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management, Berlin
– „Terrorism Research“ for a private German Educational Institution in collaboration with the Federal Agency for Civic Education


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Refereeing, Expert committees

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Recent publications

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Interviews, Appearances, etc.

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