Dear friends and fellows,
dear students,
dear members of the media,

due to the coronavirus situation most Universities and Companies minimize or prohibit public access to their premises. I´ll do the same for my University office and my own business and try to minimize all office sessions as much as possible. But the work continues – now as “Mobile Working”. So please feel free to contact me as usual, via phone, mail or other channels known to you. Let´s try to fight the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible by using digital forms of communication, postponing non-digital meetings and workshops. So please do not ask me for an appointment in my office – there will be none for several weeks.

Journalists: If you are interested in an Interview: everything “remote” is still possible, except camera teams visiting me or studio sessions.

Please check this website regularly for updates.

(BTW: you can find a new interview with me (in German) about the coronavirus situation and the role of Social Media here.)


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