Report: Heartbleed und die Folgen

Ein Beitrag vom 5. Mai 2014

Ein Thema, das man nicht zu schnell abhaken sollte – es hat spürbare Folgen:

“The Heartbleed security flaw on one of the most widely used “secure socket” encryption programs on the internet had an impact on a notable share of internet users, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center: 39% of internet users say that after they learned of the online security problems they took steps to protect their online accounts by doing such things as changing passwords or canceling accounts. 29% of internet users believe their personal information was put at risk because of the Heartbleed bug. 6% of internet users say they believe their personal information was stolen. Overall, internet users generally have mixed and middling views about the security of their personal information online: About half (46%) say they think their information is “somewhat secure.” Some 23% believe their information is “very secure,” and 26% say it is “not too secure” or “not at all secure.””

(Quelle: Pew)

Den ganzen Report gibt es hier.


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