Alessandro Acquisti is absolutely right: multi-biometric video surveillance and database tuning is now, not tomorrow. So we need to deal with it now, not tomorrow.

“Another application would be the reverse: images of a person of interest from security cameras or public photos uploaded onto the internet could be compared against a national repository of images held by the FBI. An algorithm would perform an automatic search and return a list of potential hits for an officer to sort through and use as possible leads for an investigation.”


Hey, that sounds like our project! ;-) But what about societal aspects, dear FBI? Nothing to hear about that in the article, but the tradeoff between Freedom and Security is nonsense. The whole thing can be a win-win situation for everybody. But that won´t happen if developers focus on one group only, e.g. police officers. Everybody who is touched by these developments must be part of the project. That´s why I promote Privacy and Sociality by Design.


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