Who Really Invented the Internet?

Ein Beitrag vom 25. Juli 2012

Not the US Government, but … Xerox. And why didn´t it work out for them?

“So having created the Internet, why didn’t Xerox become the biggest company in the world? The answer explains the disconnect between a government-led view of business and how innovation actually happens. ”

(Source: WSJ.com)

You can find the answer here.

BTW, it´s great to see that my former Journalism Professor, who was probably one of the “Inventors” of Information Science in Germany, Gernot Wersig, was right with his point of view. He always pointed out that the Government and the Military weren´t that important at all. It was great to hear those deep insights from him during a time (over a decade ago) where it was quite hard to find people like him over here in Berlin with such a stock of Internet knowledge.


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