Listen to my lecture at the European Identity Conference 2012 in Munich this month:

Privacy and security as well as financial interests in developing and selling digital services and products can be united and end up in a win-win-situation. From a socio-scientific point of view there is no necessity for entrenched positions. When we talk about Privacy by Design, we can even strive towards Sociality by Design to achieve integrated satisfaction of every group of people involved in this process.

The talk will show that it is necessary to open up discussion, focus on sociological and psychological digitization strategies and foster close collaboration without traditional perceptions and disciplinary boundaries, how to deal with justified public interests even in highly sensitive/security R&D projects beyond PR strategies and how to solve acceptance problems in an early stage of development without the costly need of repairs afterwards.

Every step of the talk is based on sociological and psychological research used in a currently running and federally funded research project and can be adopted for other projects.

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