Library hacking in Harvard

Ein Beitrag vom 15. November 2010

Über die Bibliothek und die Cloud:

“As more and more content moves into the cloud, libraries are decreasingly the single place to go to find the material you need for your research (except for rare books and special collections). But libraries know a huge amount about their contents. This metadata is becoming even more valuable as research moves online, since now it can be deployed to help scholars and researchers discover, understand, and share what they need to know. The co-directors of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab at Harvard Law School — Kim Dulin and David Weinberger — along with members of the Lab will demonstrate their lead project (ShelfLife) and talk about the Lab’s proposed multi-library metadata server (LibraryCloud).”

(Quelle: Berkman)

Im Webcast-Archiv des Berkman Centers gibts den Talk leider derzeit noch nicht, jedoch hat Ethan Zuckerman fleißig mitgebloggt.


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