Heute ist Name Sovereignty Day – es geht um die Identität im Internet

Adressaten sind nicht nur Politiker, die sich Gedanken über Identität im Internet machen (auch in den USA), sondern ebenfalls Unternehmen, die an “Realnamen-Pflichten” festhalten:

Name Sovereignty Day



“Supporting your freedom to choose the name you use on social networks and other online services.”


Facebook: MyNameCampaign

“We want online services — including social networks such as Facebook and Google+ — to allow users to identify themselves by whatever name they choose, providing that the name they choose is not, in and of itself, abusive.

We want people to be held accountable for their actions — fraud, spam, impersonation, harassment — rather than being pre-judged based on their chosen identities. Many who abuse the system use “real”-sounding names to do so, and many who have unusual names and pseudonyms are well-behaved. There is no proven correlation between identity and misuse.

We want online service providers to stop demanding government-issued ID from people whose names they don’t like.

We recognise that some people mistrust those who have unusual names, or whose accounts are not verified through government ID, so we want service providers to help those users by giving them tools to understand online reputation and help manage their connections, rather than banning those with unusual or self-chosen names.

Most of all, we want everyone to understand just how important this issue is, and how many people it affects.”

(Quelle: http://my.nameis.me/what-we-want/)